NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. is committed to achieve ever increasing levels of customer satisfaction, trust and confidence through continual improvement in “design, fabrication and erection of structural and non structural steel works including roof and wall cladding” in compliance with applicable legal and other requirements and ISO: 9001 quality management system.


NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. Recognizes the importance of a good health and safety planning prior to the commencement of project works so as to avoid any possible injuries or endanger the health and safety of all personnel involved in the project. To realize our objectives, NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. has prepared the following statements that constitute a safety plan. Hereby we are going to describe to NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. Intends to manage, control and coordinate the works in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of all personnel engaged in the project and others who may be affected by the operations.

The following statements aim to provide a plan of NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. Management and monitoring) systems and measures to ensure the safe operation of work through the contract period.

NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. Understands the main contractor has put in great efforts in maintaining good safety and health performance amongst its projects. NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. Will ensure that the same scenario is adopted and maintained through the contract period with the highest priority.

NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. will try its best to convey the same message of maintaining high safety and health standards to all subcontractors and their workers.

NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. Will also ensure that all project works confirm to the safety standard as required by the main contractors well as relevant statutes and applicable codes and standards.

a. It is the policy of NOTREDAME METAL CONSTRUCTION CO. L.L.C. To provide safe and healthy working conditions for its employees and to ensure that the conduct its affairs are not harmful to the safety and health of its employees and the general community.

b. Accidents cost time and money and create pain and misery. They are always caused by unsafe working conditions or unsafe practices. Accidents can and must be prevented by continuous education, perseverance and determination.

c. Safety is an important aspect and an integral of our daily operations and therefore should not be neglected or compromised for the sake of progress. SAC objectives can only be achieved with the joint and determined effort of both management and employees.

d. Responsibility rests with each employee who is hereby encouraged to contribute to the attainment of objectives of this policy. With adequate safety precautions taken, accidents, human sufferings, loss of time and damage to property and equipment can be avoided. Safety is everyone’s concern and its achievement requires everybody’s cooperation and commitment.