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Notredame Metal construction Co. LLC

M/s Notredame Metal construction Co. LLC established in 2003 (20 Years) is a market-leading “One-Stop-Shop” solution for structural Steel Design & Build company located in Dubai and other emirates that helps transform your complex project designs into iconic structures.

We offer the full range of design-build integrated projects services for best-in-class manufactured products including,

  • Primary hot rolled steel structures.
  •  Heavy Built-up girders and Rolled steel.
  • Heavy Composite Outriggers and Shear plates.
  • Space Frame and free form structure
  • Architectural steel
  • Secondary steel
  • Non –Structural Metal works etc.
  • Standing Seam, Sandwich Panels Cladding and Metal Decking Works

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  • High Rise Buildings 07
  • Commercial Buildings and shopping malls 05
  • Airports and Hangers. 03
  • Schools and Conventional multipurpose Halls. 07
  • Steel Bridges. 08
  • Space Frame and Free Form Structure 01
  • Steel Canopies 09
  • Roof and Wall Cladding Standing Seam and Sandwich Panels. 01
  • Non-structural works 03

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